Wedding poem from Bride to Groom

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Wedding Poem from the Bride to the Groom

This wedding day poem is for the bride to send to the groom. It will make sending that special wedding day message to her future husband easier. The poem can be copied into a card or sent as a type of scroll tied with ribbon. Replace the (name) part with your husbands name and your ready to print. So tell him how you feel with this Poem from the Bride to the Groom.

My loving husband (name)
You filled my heart with pride
When you asked me to marry you
To become your blushing bride

Well now that day has arrived
That moment in our life
When you become my husband
And I become your wife

So as we stand together
About to say I do
Look in to my eyes
And know that I love you

And I will always love you
Whatever the future may bring
Because as a married couple
We will get through anything